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How Many Types of UHMW Machined Parts ABOSN Could Produced
Sep 10,2020


ABOSN's staff works with each client from the initial inquiry through delivery of the finished part to ensure that your part meets or exceeds your specifications. So all kinds of UHMWPE machined parts could be produced here. Thousands of UHMW parts are available with us with your drawings.


UHMW Scraper Blade

UHMW Cable Catcher

UHMW Oil Filled Bearing

UHMW Bottle Guide

UHMW Chain Guide

UHMW Guide Blocks

UHMW Mounting Block

UHMW Roller

UHMW Rollers 

UHMW Shaft Support

UHMW Side Scraper Blade

UHMW Spacer Blocks

UHMW Wear Pad


Engineering, including CAD/CAM, product and tooling design

Assistance with material selection

Complete precision fabricating and CNC machining services, including thermoforming, CNC milling, injection molding, vacuum forming, drilling, laser cutting, die cutting, grinding, bending, CNC turning, and welding

Precision tolerances to +/-0.005"

Quantities from prototypes through full production runs

Finishing services, including polishing, edge finishing, laminating, decal application

In-process quality inspections and testing of finished parts prior to delivery

Certifications to meet industry standards, including MIL specs, AMS standards, or RoHs compliance

UHMW, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, is one of the most popular thermoplastics for industrial applications. It has the highest impact strength of the thermoplastics, and is highly resistant to most corrosive materials and moisture. It is highly abrasion-resistant, has an extremely low coefficient of friction, and is self-lubricating. It is easy to machine.

ABOSN uses the latest technologies and highest quality standards, supported by superior customer service to provide each customer with a finished part that meets or exceeds expectations, is delivered on time and on budget. Call today to talk with one of our UHMW manufacturing experts. , call us at +86-185 6196 8290

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