We Abosn have a strict control on the quality of our UHMWPE Products . Raw Material - The quality department only allows certain plastic material brands to be used in our factory like TICONA GUR material in order to start the production process properly Semi-finished sheets - Special quality supervisors check the surface and the thickness of our UHMWPE Sheets and parts to check for defects and test the properties of our material . Finished products- Finished products are inspected by the quality department to check if UHMWPE products or UHMWPE machined parts are ready to shipping

The accurate CNC machine make our UHMWPE machined parts is extremely accurate on the size . The most advanced labortory make our UHMWPE Parts to be of best quality all over the world and no defected products are allowed to be shipped out to our customer .

All of our UHMWPE Sheets ,rods and parts are manufactured according to ISO9001:2008 Standard and our factory is fully certified .

Abosn Quality department assure to every cusotmer that Abosn UHMWPE products is of best quality and have zero defects on the quality .