Whtie PE1000 UHMW Liner

Product Description

Whtie PE1000 UHMW Liner, is used for many chute , coal bunker , truck liner , mixing silo lining and other project whose conveyor cohere easily when it been unloaded and delivered.

1. Whtie PE1000 UHMW Liner Advantages :

High Abrasion Resistance

High Impact Resistance

Low Coefficient of Friction

Chemical Resistant


•Less expensive than stainless steel

Excellent retrofit for protective linings 

2. Whtie PE1000 UHMW Liner Size:

2000x1000x(6-300)mm 2250x1000x(6-300)mm





Any size within the standard size is available 

Click for: UV Stability Polyethelene UHMW PE 1000 Sheet Data Sheet

Any inquiry, please tell us if i can help with anything further. 

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