Colored UHMW Polyethylene Square or Round Bar

Product Description

Rod Grade : PE300,PE500,PE1000

Rod size :¢20-300mm 

Color :Yellow ,Black ,Blue ,Green ,White ,Grey ,Red and other customer color 

Type :Square Bar ,Round bar 

Abosn own the world most advanced UHMWPE rod extruted machine .All color and size can be made according to customer requirements 

Rod properties :

ItemTest methodTest resultunit
Specific weightASTM D-7920.96g/cm3
Yield strength
Ultimate strengthASTM D-63845MPa
Breaking ElongationISO527355%
Impact strengthISO179130Mj/mm2
Shore HardnessISO86865Shore D
Friction CoefficientASTM D-18940.11Unitless
Coefficient of thermal expansionASTM D-6960.0002
Volume resistifityIEC600093≤1000∩*cm
Surface resistifityIEC600093≤1000
Water AbsorptionASTM D-5700.0094%
Melt pointASTM D-3417138