High Wear Resistance Marine UHMWPE Pile Rollers

Product Description

Main Properties

  1. Excellent Abrasion-resistance

  2. Good self-lubrication and low coefficient of friction

  3. High anti-impact strength and good toughness

  4. Good chemical corrosion resistance can resist almost all mediums such as acid, alcli and salt, but except for concen trated sul-phuric-acid, concentrated nitric and a few organic solvents.

  5. Inodorous,in noxious and impenetrable

  6. Good conductibility and ultra-low water absorbability

  7. Good anti-environmental stress breakage property which is 200 times of ordinary ethylene

  8. Good cold resistance property which isnit brittle even if at 176°C below zero.

Our roller is made of a revolutionary “Ultra High Molecular Weight” plastic that is self lubricating, unaffected by marine environment, and next to impossible to wear out. On-the-job wear test and engineering data shows that this material wears five times better than any rubber or polyolefin materials on the market.

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