UHMWPE Pile Roller

Product Description


This roller is made of a revolutionary “Ultra High Molecular Weight” plastic that is self lubricating, unaffected by marine environment, and next to impossible to wear out. On-the-job wear test and engineering data shows that this material wears five times better than any rubber or polyolefin materials on the market.

Size available:

3'' x 3/4'' x 9/2'', 3'' x 3/4'' x 2'', 3'' x 1'' x 9/2'', 3'' x 1'' x 5'', 3'' x 1'' x 9'', 4'' x 1'' x 6'', 5'' x 1'' x 6'' etc. 

Other sizes could also be customized as drawing.

For special drawing and properties of UHMW-PE Fender facings /UHMW-PE Fender pad,  please do not hesitate to contact us 

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