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Soccer Rebound Board Sells Well on Amazon
Jan 28,2021

As the hot-sale product, Soccer Rebound Board sells well on Amazon by our clients. It could be packed individually by one or pair to convenient for your shipping. If you would like to develop your business in soccer/football field, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will use our superior product and better service to support you.

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Soccer Rebound Board DIMENSIONS

Sizes Available: 39in x 16in (100cm x 40cm) | 39in x 24in (100cm x 60cm) | 59in x 16in (150cm x 40cm)

Handle Size: 4in x 2in (10cm x 4.5cm)


Impact resistant polypropylene composite material


Available as a single or a pair

Foldable legs allow for easy, flat pack storage

Ideal for constant and repetitive rebounding exercises

Angled legs allow for enhanced grip on all surfaces

Can be used in two different angles to affect the style of rebound

Any inquiry, please contact us to ask more detailed info. 

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