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How to Work about The Soccer Smart Wall
Jul 24,2021

Soccer Smart Wall is an advanced interactive rebounder that trains speed and accuracy to enhance players' ball control and shooting skills.

During practice, the soccer smart wall displays two lights in different colours. One shows players where their last kick went and the other tells them where to aim next. Players can track their score and time on the display above the targets.

Soccer Smart Wall is a portable interactive rebounder developed to enhance the quality and intensity of soccer training. The wall uses interactive lights to challenge players to hit targets that randomly light up while the patent-pending technology tracks the accuracy, speed and rebound control time of each kick. The platform uses the data to deliver comprehensive performance stats and track the players' development over time. The stats are used to calculate a score which is displayed on the wall in real time during training. There are also plans to integrate the player's distance from the wall and the ball trajectory into the stats in the future.

Standard Sizes:

100cm x 40cm

100cm x 60cm

150cm x 40cm

Handle Size: 4in x 2in (10cm x 4.5cm)

Single or Pair with any color is available. For other customized requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. Email: 

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