Wear Alert Protection U-Trough Screw Conveyor Liners

Product Description

Wear Alert Protection U-Trough Screw Conveyor Liners

ABOSN uses a two-color liner to provide a visual indicator that the liner life has expired. When the top layer is worn through, a second highly contrasting color layer becomes visible and indicates that the liner must be replaced. Measuring liner thickness on equipment that is in service is difficult and this is a very useful feature for plant operators.

Wear Alert Protection U-Trough Screw Conveyor Liners enhance the performance and service life of a screw conveyor. Liners improve efficiency when conveying very free-flowing or fluidizing bulk materials on steep inclines by reducing the clearance between the screw and housing. Liners also provide a low friction surface to reduce adhesion when conveying sticky bulk materials. Trough liners also act as a bearing surface when intermediate hanger bearings are eliminated in conveyors using close-coupled and clocked or shaftless screws. Most commonly, trough liners provide a wear surface to increase the longevity of the trough or housing.

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Other related products:

UHMW – Low coefficient of friction material that wears relatively slowly for most applications where the product conveyed has some liquid and little or no inorganic particulate (e.g. sand or grit)

Oil Impregnated UHMW – UHMW infused with oil is typically used where there is little liquid in the product being conveyed or where due to the layout of the conveyor, there are sections of conveyor that may run “dry” or without product for prolonged periods of time.

Wear-Alert oil impregnated UHMW – This is the best combination of wear characteristics and support for maintenance staff. This liner is worth the investment given cost to change liners and the impact of not changing liners in a timely manner.