UHMWPE Plug for Lining

Product Description

ABOSN could design all kinds of UHMWPE Plug for Linings. Same material with UHMWPE Lining to ensure the high wear resistance and self-lubrication.

1.UHMWPE Plug for Lining Advantages :

High Abrasion Resistance

High Impact Resistance

Low Coefficient of Friction

Chemical Resistant


•Less expensive than stainless steel

Excellent retrofit for protective linings 

2.UHMWPE Plug for Lining Application:

Coal bin liner/Silo liner/Hopper liner/Coal Chute Liner/bunker liner/hopper liner/granary plate/track liner/track bed liner/ HMWPE coal bunker liner board prevent cohere/ chute liner/ UHMWPE Plastic Dump Truck Liner.

3. UHMWPE Plug for Lining properties like below:

Density   : 0.92 – 0.96 g/cm3

Tensile strength at yield : 15 – 20 Mpa

Notched impact strength : 80 – 170 kJ/m2

Abrasion resistance (sand slurry test) : 70 – 120 %

Shore hardness D: 60 – 63o

Max. cont. temperature: 80°C

Abosn UHMWPE properties have meet the full range of material flow,friction and wear challenge associated with bulk materials.

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