UHMWPE Natural Plastic Sheet

Product Description

UHMWPE Natural Plastic Sheet stands for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene which has superb abrasion and impact resistance. It will outlast metal, nylons and other engineering plastics under constant wear applications. Common uses include marine dock construction, bed liners and fenders for automobiles and components for high speed machinery. UHMW Polyethylene Plastic Sheet is available in virgin and reprocessed; virgin UHMW polyethylene is FDA compliant and can be used in food applications while reprocessed UHMW polyethylene is not FDA compliant and commonly used in industrial settings. ABOSN Plastics has UHMW Natural Sheets in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. Custom cut option is available.

BENEFITS OF UHMWPE Natural Plastic Sheet:

High-Impact Strength

Improved Wear Resistance

Resistant to Stress Cracking

Increased Energy Absorption

Resistant to Heat Distortion

Improved Tensile Strength

Industry of UHMWPE Natural Plastic Sheet

•Shipping, handling, and storage industry
•Farm machinery industry
•Packaging machinery industry
•Aeration, chemical, and biological treatment industry
•Forestry industry
•Coal shipping, storage machinery, mining, and preparation


Marine Fender PadUHMWPE LinerSynthetic Ice RinkCrane Outrigger Padchopping boardsmechanical engineering parts etc.

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