UV Stability Heavy Duty Ground Protection Mat

Product Description

ABOSN UV Stability Heavy Duty Ground Protection Mat are the leading mat for plastic temporary roadway. These lightweight unbreakable plastic panels are easy to layout by hand, and join together with No-Tools joiner clips. ABOSN UV Stability Heavy Duty Ground Protection Mat offer protection and access year round – giving you the assurance that your people, equipment and materials are working well in all conditions. The ABOSN teams are committed to making each and every project as easy as possible.

The ABOSN Ground Protection division is a supplier of an extensive range of ground protection solutions across a wide spectrum of industries, including, construction, civil engineering, mining, drilling, landscaping, golf courses, sports field maintenance, events, holiday home parks, heritage sites and many more.  The ABOSN Ground Protection Mat range is available for purchase or hire.

UV Stability Heavy Duty Ground Protection Mat Benefits:

Rated against breakage by vehicles up to 120 Tonnes.

Light to carry and quick to lay by hand, only 39kg

Eliminate cost of continually replacing slippery splintered plywood board

Multiple joiner clips on each edge provide secure fixing and slot together without tools

Super tough 100% recycled (and recyclable) plastic

Easy to move around using the Handi-Hook

ABOSN UV Stability Heavy Duty Ground Protection Mat could save someone from having a serious accident, and prevent delays with your schedule. Use ABOSN temporary ground protection solution system to minimise reinstatement costs, prevent vehicles getting bogged down, keep your projects on schedule, and keep your workers safe.

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