UHMW Nylon Conveyor Wear Strips Profiles

Product Description

UHMW Nylon Conveyor Wear Strips Profiles for Palm Oil Industry, with high wear resistance etc., is the best choice for conveyor chain. Standard size is 3000x101.6x25.4mm in Red, Yellow, Orange, Green Color.

UHMW Nylon Conveyor Wear Strips Profiles for engineering machinery is often referred to as the world’s toughest polymer. UHMW-PE is a linear high density polyethylene which has high abrasion resistance as well as high impact strength. UHMW PE is also chemical resistant and has a low coefficient of friction which make it highly effective in a variety of applications.


No moving parts, no lubrication ; hence zero maintenance

Extremely low coefficient of friction

High Abrasion resistant

Shock absorbing

No belt sagging, no belt mistracking

Protect belt from tear and puncture

Reduces spillage

Friendly with the side skirt sealing system as it eliminates the gap which occurs commonly between two conventional impact idlers

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