Single Bit Mooring Bollards

Product Description

Single Bit Mooring Bollards are a simple and cost-effective way to fulfil mooring requirements and safely secure vessels alongside jetties, berths, wharves and dolphins in ports and harbours. ABOSN's marine systems operation provides bollards in a range of design profiles, sizes and mooring line capacities to suit all mooring applications.

Features: General purpose applications up to 200 tonnes. Suitable for steep rope angles

Bollard style include: single bit bollard, double bits bollard, T-shaped bollard etc

Technology Data: the safe factor of bollard is 3 time. The face angle of cable: -45~+45°(Vertical), 0~180 (Horizontal).

The paint system: Depend on the need of dock. The color is include Black, yellow and others.

Material Type: Cast Iron, Cast Steel and Cast SG Iron

Producing range: include anchor, anchor chain, mooring bollards, fairlead, chock, windlass, winch, combined windlass and winch, capstan, towing win, crane, shark jaw etc.

We are also can production according to your drawing.