UHMWPE Marine Fender Pad Screen

Product Description

The UHMWPE Marine Fender Pad Screen application is as follows:

● low resistance sliding plates on fender panels

● low resistance slinding panels for bridge and pier protection

● corner protection for offshore structures, berths and other marine facilities

UHMWPE Marine Fender Pad Screen Features:
● Low friction coefficient
● Resists marine borers
● High abrasion resistance
● UV and ozone resistant
● Does not rot, split or crack
● Easy to cut and drill
● 100% recyclable

We are the leading & Professional manufacturer of UHMWPE Marine Fender Pad ScreenUHMWPE Fender Panel Strip with Chamfers HolesGreen UHMWPE Fender plate, UHMWPE Fender padsGrey UHMWPE PadsYellow UHMWPE Fender padsUHMWPE FenderUHMWPE Boardfor 29 years. Competitive Price and quality equal with Trelleborg, Fenderteam etc.  

UHMW PE Sliding & Panel Fenders Data Sheet

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