UHMW Drag Conveyor Flight

Product Description


Available Materials


Natural UHMW – White in color. This UHMW sheet meets FDA/USDA and 3-A dairy guidelines. It is an excellent high wear material.

Reprocessed or Recycled UHMW – Green or Black in color. This sheet is a blend of virgin and regenerated UHMW polymers that maintain an acceptable combination of properties for less demanding applications. This sheet is not FDA approved.

AntiStatic UHMW – Black in color. This UHMW sheet protects parts sensitive to build up of static electricity. It permits partial transmission of electrical charge, thus dissipating static build-up. It provides a slick surface.

Dry-Slide UHMW – Black in color. This UHMW sheet is modified with special dry additives for enhanced coefficient of friction and antistatic properties. This is an effective sheet in dusty environments where components need lubrication without build-up.

Oil Filled UHMW – Brown in color. This UHMW sheet meets FDA/USDA guidelines for food and pharmaceutical handling. It has an oil additive to lubricate mating surfaces. This Oil Filled UHMW is used in closed loop continuous chain applications. It is not recommended for dusty applications.

ABOSN provides complete size UHMWPE conveyor paddle :

Size, Inches (length & Thickness)Size, Inches (length & Thickness)

6 x 1/4                                                    9 x 1/2

10 x 1/2                                                    12 x 1/2

14 x 1/2                                                    24 x 5/8

Any size within the standard size is available . 

Different of conveyor paddle:

Advantages of UHMW drag conveyor paddles :
 Strong will not break
 Abrasion resistant to outlast other materials
 Flexible but returns to original shape
 Chemical resistant won’t rust or corrode
 Sanitary – USDA/FDA Approved
 Heat and cold resistant
 Moisture resistant – prevents clogging
 Self Lubricating


1.Thermal power

coal handling, storage of coal and warehousing chute lining

2.Coal processing

Sieve-plate, filter and U-underground coal chute


cement raw and finished product silo silo lining


food storage or chute lining


sieve plate, chute linings and wear anti-bonding part

6.Chemical engineering

corrosion and wear resistance mechanical parts

1) Customers Description (Manufacturer, Drawing # etc)
2) Material Type & Thickness (eg. UHMW, HDPE, Nylon,; if food grade required)
3) Size of flight: **Height **Width **Radius
4) Number of Holes ** Diameter Position of Holes **Width Spacing (centre to centre) **Height
5) Cut-Out Size: ** Width **Height
6) Bevel of Edge: Yes No Other Bevel (Specify)
7) Quantity Required
8) any additional information