Flame Retardant Conveyor Impact Bed

Product Description

Manufactured from a combination of impact absorbing rubber, aluminium and 10mm low friction UHMW polyethylene (green)

Robust and highly impact resistant

Easy to fit/replace

Excellent wear life/maintenance free

T-slot protected fixing arrangement

Standard 1200mm (49”) and 1500mm (59”) long x 100mm (4”) wide

Available in 55mm (2 1/8”) and 75mm (3”) high

Used widely in the bulk handling industry, from quarrying to mining, impact bars are an integral part of Conveyor Belt Support and Spillage Control Systems at conveyor load and transfer points. Impact bars, unlike conveyor rollers, which eventually break or seize and act like a brake, support and absorb the impact of heavy, often sharp material, not the conveyor belt; the low friction polyethylene surface allows the conveyor belt to continue moving freely, preventing unnecessary damage to the conveyor belt or drive motor.

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