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How to Loading And Unloading from A 40ft Container
Aug 15,2019

On Aug.15,2019, after the strong Typhoon, no wind, no raining, blue sky and white cloud finally came out, which created a better environment for loading container in our factory. 

Glad to said, we have loaded a 40ft container with UHMWPE Sheet only in 30 minutes. The screct is our pallets are much stronger by improved, height more than 150mm and we ensure the weight of every pallets will not exceed 1300kgs, which will be workable for every types forklifts. No bulk, and every corners for pallets has special angle bead to protect the goods. So it is efficient for loading, as well as unloading.

Save time, save money, consider more details before shipment for every clients, is our improtant task. Choosing us, then you choose the better service and convenience, which value can not be calculated. Any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us . WhatsApp: +86 185 6196 8290. Looking forward to being of service.

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