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ABOSN Event Turf Protection Flooring System for Psy's Concert
Jul 04,2019

We are producing the Event Turf Protection Flooring Mat System at our workshops right now, which valued $500,000 for Psy's concert in South Korea stadiums.

ABOSN is a solution-based design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution company specializing in a range of temporary site access solutions.

Portable Lightweight Composite Flooring Designed for Fast, Easy Installation


We have worked in all site conditions, including: wetlands, waterways, glacial till, floodplains, parks, hardscapes and sensitive ecological areas.

The Event Mat system is custom designed for use in stadiums and other large-scale venues that need to accommodate vehicles such as tractor trailers, heavy equipment staging areas, and work platforms.

Other applications include:

· Temporary event parking

· Temporary event flooring

· Portable Tent flooring

· Flooring during University/College commencement and graduation ceremonies

· Industrial warehouse flooring

· Temporary warehouse / prefabricated structure flooring

· Storage tents

· Aircraft hangars

· Compliant beach access walkways

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Any inquiry for Event Turf Protection Flooring System , please do not hesitate to contact us .

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Road Mat 18.jpg