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Crane Outrigger Pad Works Good for Our Clients
Jun 12,2019

ABOSN Crane Outrigger Pad works good at the site from our clients' feedback.

Outrigger Pad Crane (4).jpgOutrigger Pad Crane (1).jpg

Outrigger Pad Crane (2).jpg

Outrigger Pad Crane (3).jpg

ABOSNCrane Outrigger Pad made from high quality, high density polyethylene, our range of outrigger pads offer protection against water, corrosion and splintering – a huge advancement over the more traditional wooden and steel alternatives.

ABOSN Crane Outrigger Pad supply a range of lightweight and long-lasting spreader plates that offer stable support when operating cranes, aerial work platforms and mobile plant. In addition to our current outrigger pad inventory, we also can order any outrigger pads to meet your specifications.

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