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ABOSN Celebrate The 70th Anniversary of The Founding of China
Sep 28,2019

On Sep.28 2019, all Staff in ABOSN sings "My Motherland and Me" to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of The Founding of China. Everyone with full of passion, is proud for motherland. 

I and my motherland , 
never be seperated. 
Wherever I wander the world, 
praised songs flow out. 
I sing for every mountain, 
I sing for every river, 
Small village, rising smoke, 
ruts on the road. 
My dearest motherland, 
you are the ocan never drying up. 
You say me an emotional word with a mother's pulse.   

May China more prosperity. National Holiday is from Oct.1-7. During the holiday, any inquiry, please contact Wendy Liu at , Skype: wendy9207, Tel/Whatsapp: +86-18561968290. We will privide he prompt service to you. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

Hockey Shooting Pad with Rebounder/Artwork 

Synthetic Ice Rink Panel 

Football or Hockey Barrier 

Loading Dock Bumper 

Ground Protection Mat 

Crane Outrigger Pad 


Marine Fender Pad


70th Anniversity of the Founding of China.png

70th Anniversity of the Founding of China ABOSN.png