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Bright Road Mats Are Ready to Ship
Oct 24,2017

The bright Road Mats are ready to ship at our factory. This is the 5th container this month for this production. Why it is so popular in the market?

Prevent Damage – Protect lawns and other surfaces from vehicles or heavy equipment

Save Time – No lost time because of stuck vehicles or equipment

Save Money – Stop replacing slippery, heavy, wet, rotten, broken plywood

Prevent Injuries – Lighter weight with hand cutouts for easy lifting

Longer Life – UV protection prevents material degradation

Effortless Loading – Easy to load and unload with unique traction design

Customization – Custom colors and logos are available

HDPE Bright Road Mat, the best temporary reinforcement solution for access, parking and grass paths

• Ideal for outdoor events, exhibitions and concerts
• Temporary car parking and wheelchair access
• Temporary pedestrian and vehicle access routes
• Re-useable over and over again
• Quick to install, quick to remove

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