Black UHMWPE Fender Strips

Product Description

Black UHMWPE Fender Strips made of Polyethylene are a superior alternative to for example timber and other facing materials as a protective cover for different constructions. ABOSN manufacture these sliding fenders in dimensions to any requirements from the customer. Beside that we can machine the strips, drill and curved them. We can supply thicknesses from 4mm to 200 mm.

● Low friction coefficient
● Resists marine borers
● High abrasion resistance
● UV and ozone resistant
● Does not rot, split or crack
● Easy to cut and drill
● 100% recyclable

They have many applications in waterway, harbour, Wharf constructions, Pontoons, Pier heads and on composite fenders. The Polyethylene is especially useful when low-friction contact during docking and mooring is needed. The Polyethylene does not decay or rot and will not easily splinter or crush.

Applications :
● Fender pile rubbing strips
● Facing strips for berths
● Workboat beltings
● Lock protection
● Lock gate mitres

For these fender strips Fendertec can offer the following two grades of Polyethylene:
HD-PE: High Density Polyethylene
UHMW-PE: Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

UHMW PE Sliding & Panel Fenders Data Sheet

For special drawing and properties of UHMW-PE Fender facings /UHMW-PE Fender pad,  please do not hesitate to contact us 

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