Black Excavator UHMWPE Track Pads

Product Description

Black Excavator UHMWPE Track Pads

Excavator UHMWPE track pad is made of high performance plastic material -Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE). UHMW-PE has lowe friction, hing tensile strength, strong impact strength, we use UHMW-PE pad bolt on the track of excavator,  it possesses very good properties of wear resistance, tear resistance and non-disintegration, etc. The adhesion between the UHMW-PE and steel plate is very strong, the replacement is convenient and the service life is long so it is suitable for various pavers and bitumen transportation trucks.

UHMWPE track-pads bolt direct onto existing steel track shoes for the most secure fastening strength. Installation is quick, easy, and most economical. Steel track shoes always stay on your machine. UHMWPE track-pads bolt directly to the undercarriage track-chain in a 1-Piece integrated pad/shoe design for standard OEM pad replacements.

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