Backyard Ice Rink Boards

Product Description


1. Designed for basement, garage, outdoor or applications where leveling is more of a challenge.

2. Available in 3 different thicknesses: 3/8" (residential use only), 1/2" (residential and commercial use) and 3/4" (residential and commercial use).

3. Our Interlocking Dovetail panels significantly outperform traditional spline and square-edge styles.

4. Quick and easy installation.

5. Only 10-15% more friction than real ice, perfect for training and exercise purposes.

6. No messy liquids required.

7. Perfect for commercial and residential use.Practice your hockey skills or figure skating at home.

8. Take advantage of our Free Training Aids Incentive Program. 

9. Pricing is based on the size of your desired surface. 

Hockey dasher boardhockey shooting padpenguin aides etc are available with us.

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