Radiation Shielding Boron Added UHMWPE Sheet

Product Description


Nuclear and medical radiation shielding applications require materials providing safety and protection for environment and people, exhibiting high hydrogen density and low weight at acceptable cost. Most radiation fields are combinations of different kinds of radiation, such as fast neutrons, thermal neutrons, primary gamma and secondary gamma rays. 

Fast neutrons are most effectively shielded by materials with high hydrogen content. They are slowed to thermal energies by collision with hydrogen atoms. Thermal neutrons can be virtually eliminated by the presence of high thermal neutron cross-section materials such as boron. Primary gamma rays are best shielded with lead or other high density materials. Secondary gamma rays are created as the result of the capture of thermal neutrons by hydrogen. These capture-gamma rays can be minimized by adding boron.

Abosn Solutions :

Borated UHMW-PE, HMW-PE and HD-PE grades

Dimensionally stable plastics with high hydrogen content and added boron

Customer benefits :

Consistent density and homogeneity

Superior dimensional stability over a wide temperature range

Easy to handle and fabricate to a variety of shapes and parts

Low weight

Acceptable cost versus other shielding materials

Abson  Borated PE PRODUCTS :

UH15 /HM15   1.5% Boron 

UH30/HM30       3% Boron 

UH50/HM50/HD50    5% Boron -10% Boron 

Applications :

Medical vaults and doors

Hot cells

Nuclear storage and transport containers

Nuclear waste management

Particle accelerators

Nuclear detection systems

Any interests, please let us know if i can help with anything further. 

Borated polyethylene neutron shielding data sheet