UV Environmental Screen Printing Billboards

Product Description

Commonly seen in exhibition halls and campaigns, PVC foam boards are also highly favored by outdoor and indoor applications from billboards, department store cut-out boards, pop-up stands, to conference and release signs. Currently UV curable inkjet printers are the only choice in the market that requires no further processes after PVC foam board painting is complete. Most Solvent or Eco-solvent printers available require printing on PVC Vinyl which is then cut into the desired dimension prior to its attachment to PVC foam boards. 


Print type: UV environmental screen printing
Material type: PVC foam board 
Thickness: 3mm, 5mm, 10mm or customized
Material quality: profiled making
Material density: 0.5 or customized
Temperature area: -40 to +300℃
Cover paper: white kraft paper
Size: 0.6×0.8m and 0.4×0.6m or customized
Printing size:2×4m

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