White Virgin UHMWPE 1000 Sheet

Product Description

White Virgin UHMWPE 1000 Sheet Size:

2000x1000x(6-300)mm 3050x3050x(6-300)mm

5040x1330x(6-300)mm 4730x1230x(6-300)mm

3050x1220x(6-300)mm 6050x1820x(6-300)mm

3030x1550x(6-300)mm 4520x2000x(6-300)mm

Any size and color are available with us.

White Virgin UHMWPE 1000 Sheet Color:

Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Red, Orange, any other color will be available.

White Virgin UHMWPE 1000 Sheet APPLICATIONS

Marine Fender Pad, UHMWPE Liner, Synthetic Ice Rink, Crane Outrigger Pad, chopping boards, mechanical engineering parts etc.

Click for: UV Stability Polyethelene UHMW PE 1000 Sheet Data Sheet

Any inquiry, please tell us if i can help with anything further. 

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