High Impact Strength ​Polyethylene PE1000 sheet

Product Description

Polyethylene PE1000 sheet - UHMW offers a higher wear resistance and impact strength compared to PE300 and PE500. It is extremely strong with excellent wear resistance due to a very low coefficient of friction. It also has excellent chemical resistance and very low moisture absorption. Polyethylene PE1000 sheet - UHMW is food contact approved if supplied in virgin grade.

Polyethylene PE1000 sheet different character type :

Anti-static UHMWPE Sheet  (Abson-AST UHMWPE Sheet )

Self-lubricating UHMWPE Sheet (Abson-SL UHMWPE Sheet )

Tivar88 equaled UHMWPE Liner (Abson-T88 UHMWPE Sheet )

Flame-retardant UHMWPE Sheet (Abson-FR UHMWPE Sheet )

Boron UHMWPE Plate (Abson- BO UHMWPE Plate )

Anti-slip UHMWPE Sheet (Abson- AS UHMWPE Sheet)

Ceramic filled UHMWPE Sheet (Abson -CF UHMWPE Sheet)

Glass filled UHMWPE Sheet (Abson -GF UHMWPE Sheet )

Fender Grade UHMWPE Sheet (FG UHMWPE Sheet )

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