Hockey Dasher Board with Net

Product Description

ABOSN can install various configurations of protective spectator netting for your facility including soccer dasher systems and ceiling netting. Contact us for more information.

Upper Containment (Spectator Shielding ):

Depending on your facility and building, you may want to add a section or more of spectator shielding and this can be done with either acrylic or tempered glass.

Vertical & Horizontal Ball Control Netting:

White or black nylon ball control netting is necessary in many buildings. We can supply the netting, the framework and hardware required to install.

Player gates (Doors):

Player gates can be made to match your panel facing and upper shielding or you can choose a full view glass option. Each entry is constructed with heavy duty hinges and lift latch.


Full installation includes our crew for the complete installation of the dasher board system. A “Supervisor Only” option is also available. With this option you supply the crew and tools and the installation is led by a member of our professional installation staff.

Contact us today to discuss your needs or to receive a quote based on your specific requirements.