Indoor Soccer Field Walls for Sale

Product Description

Normally the standard dasher board systems(soccer or ice rink barriers) made by the following parts 

1.Steel or aluminimum frame 

2.Puck board 2000x1200x10mm

3.Kick plate 

4.Hand rail 

5.Triangle Support: 

6.Bracket Support: 

7. 5mm Acrylic shielding

Other customized sizes are also availble.


Through day-to-day usage and abuse, dasher board gates and hinges will become out of alignment.  Besides the monthly lubrication of the hinges on doors, each door should be aligned so it closes evenly and smoothly. This can be accomplished with minimal expertise and just a few tools.

The dasher panels and/or doors that have been hit or damaged by the ice resurfacer or other equipment may require assistance.  Feel free to contact us for help.