Safe & Seamless Acryllic Shielding

Product Description

Available as either steel or aluminum construction, all of our dasher board systems are custom designed, manufactured and installed by us to your specifications. When you purchase a dasher board system from ABOSN you are guaranteed to get the best quality product at a competitive price.

Retrofit or new construction

Aluminum and steel dasherboard systems

Permanent and portable systems

Stainless steel hardware standard on all systems

Powder coated panels available any colour for both aluminum and steel frames

Prefabricated or on-site build

Demountable systems for easy conversion in multi-purpose facilities

Supported or seamless systems available


Through day-to-day usage and abuse, dasher board gates and hinges will become out of alignment.  Besides the monthly lubrication of the hinges on doors, each door should be aligned so it closes evenly and smoothly.  This can be accomplished with minimal expertise and just a few tools.

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