Portable Rink Dividers System

Product Description

ABOSN stresses the benefits of providing a higher ratio of practice-to-game time on the ice, and the value of 'shrinking' the space players have to work with, in order to increase the number of touches each player gets during practice. 

Designed specifically for use with Cross-Ice training, The Rink Divider makes the most of ice time.

The Rink Divider features solid 2” x 2" welded tubular aluminum frame construction. The puckboard is .220” thick white HDPE on both sides, with .500” colored HDPE cap rail. Standard HDPE color choices available. 

Portable Panels are 36” high by 90” long, and feature tubular splice connectors for ease of set-up and tear-down. Every Portable Rink Divider has one pass-through gate, mounted on sturdy long-wearing steel hinges. Optional 42” board height is available.

The Portable Rink Dividers System also features radiused panels where the divider meets the rink boards for great playability, and the adjustable tension buckles in radius corners keep system solidly in place.


Every Portable Rink Divider comes with either 9 straight panels for NHL size rink, or 11 panels for IIHF size, plus the 4 radiused panels. Also included is a specially designed storage cart for safe and easy handling, storage and access. 


The Portable Rink Dividers System is covered by our two year limited warranty. 

Any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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