HDPE Shooting Pad Practice Hockey Slide Board

Product Description

Abosn Hockey shooting board/shooting pad/shooting mat with the best adjustable bungie cord rebound, rebound pass and "One-Time" for timing skills. Full HDPE plastic ice, protects your stick from damage caused by dryland skills training but provides a ice like surface for training, shooting, passing and general puck control. If you need more speed, we recommend using any furniture polish to clean off puck tracks. Tighten up the rebound cord for extreme rebounds.! Collect from our warehouse in person or ship by courier on 48 hour service only (long length item).

Perfect for anyone who wants to improve their on-ice game at home, the ABOSN Shooting Pad makes an excellent indoor and outdoor trainer. It simulates the smooth, slick feeling of the rink so you can work on passing, stickhandling and shooting. And you don’t have to worry about rough asphalt chewing up your blade either.


Use it to practice shooting, passing and stickhandling.

Protect your sticks from rough pavement and concrete.

Bevelled edges make it easier to get pucks onto the mat.

No more tape marks on your floor or driveway.

UV protection makes it excellent for summer training.

Handle makes it easy to carry.

Available in 3 sizes: Pro (30” x 60” x 3/16”), Intermediate (28” x 52” x 3/16”) and Junior (24” x 48” x 1/8”).

Size:                                                             Colour         Weight

30"X60"X3/16" (760mmx1520mmx5mm)       White           5.5kg

28"X52"X3/16" (710mmx1320mmx5mm)       White           4.5kg

24"X48"X1/8"   (610mmx1220mmx3mm)       White           2.1kg

30"X60"X1/8"   (760mmx1520mmx3mm)       White           3.3kg

48"X96"X1/8"   (1220mmx2440mmx3mm)     White           8.5kg

58"x24"x1/4"   (1470mmx610mmx6mm)         White           5.0kg

58"x24"x2/5"   (1470mmx610mmx10mm)       White           8.5kg

Other customer size is available with requirements

Hockey Shooting Pads provide the ideal surface for training or practising shooting skills, stick handling and goaltending! Our hockey shooting board/shooting pad/shooting mat is has been specifically engineered to replicate an ice hockey surface.

Use the hockey shooting board to practice your wrist shot and snap shot, or even your slap shot in a confinedspace. Any drill that involves stationary shooting can be done with this hockey shooting mat, as well as stationary stickhandling drills.

The material used to make the shooting pads is HDPE or High-density polyethylene. This material is known to be very durable (lasting over 100 years in some cases) and also be very slippery. HDPE is used in snowboarding and skiing to construct boxes and rails, and also in the boards that are used in hockey arenas.

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