Temporary Access Track Mat

Product Description

1. Size              Weight         Tread Option

4'x8'x1/2''       41.67kgs       Roadway/Walkway/Smooth

6'x8'x1/2''       62.51kgs       Roadway/Walkway/Smooth

3'x8'x1/2''       31.25kgs       Roadway/Walkway/Smooth

4'x6'x1/2''       31.25kgs       Roadway/Walkway/Smooth

Thickness: 12.7mm,15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm etc.

Cleat height: 5mm, Normal Connections

Loading weight: 60-120 tons

Material: HDPE composite material

Common Color: Black/Blue/Tan (other colors available,MOQ5 Tons)

Temporary Access Track Mat/plastic road mat/ground protection mat is suitable for temporary roadways, car parks, site compounds, military bases, temporary runways, event flooring and pedestrian walkways.

2. Temporary Access Track Mat Surface Tread

3. Temporary Access Track Mat Connector System

4. Temporary Access Track Mat Size Drawing

5. Temporary Access Track Mat Test---Fine (Video on YouTube)

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