Safety Composite HD Rig Mat

Product Description

Our Safety Composite HD Rig Mat is the ideal solution for Oil Gas Site to prevent vehicles from getting stuck in muddy, wet, unstable ground conditions. Made from the highest-quality polymers, it will not rot or break. They can be used in many industries, as temporary roadway solutions for lawn protection, turf protection, and as flooring systems etc.

Safety Composite HD Rig Mat Advantages:

Rated against breakage by vehicles up to 120-360 Tonnes.

Eliminate cost of continually replacing slippery splintered plywood board

Multiple joiner clips on each edge provide secure fixing and slot together 

Super tough 100% recycled (and recyclable) plastic

Re-use for 20 times

Standard Sizes: 4550x2060x40mm, 3000x2500x37mm, 6000x2000x88mm, 6000x2000x40mm etc. Pattern thickness 8mm 

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Test Finding for Safety Composite HD Rig Mat