Heavy Duty Civil Construction Rig Mat

Product Description

· Overall Dimensions 20' x 7' x 3.5" (6130mm x 2130mm x 88mm)

· Surface Dimensions: 20' x 7' (12m2)

· Weight: 1,345 lbs. (610 kgs)


Heavy Duty Civil Construction Rig Mat Advantages:

Solid ground support in all soils

Provide safe work platform for personnel

Reduce site construction cost

Reduce site reclamation cost

Reduce transportation cost

Reduce liner cost

Reduce liner disposal cost

Protect site from spills


Heavy Duty Civil Construction Rig Mat Applications

· Temporary road and haul routes

· Stable jobsite platform and staging areas

· Ground protection in sensitive environments

· Liner protection and spill reduction for oil & gas drill sites


It is equal with TuffTrak mats, Mega Deck mats, Dura-base mats by a complete testing system, which could be checked at News or Customer Guide in our website.


Any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us wendy@abosn.com.

 Test Finding for ABOSN® AmphiMat


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