ABOSN Amphibian Composite Mats

Product Description

ABOSN® Amphibian Composite Mats, are the ideal heavy duty access solution for work sites and temporary access roads; engineered to provide a stable work platform, even in the most extreme environments.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process could produce 100 PIECES per day, which will ensure the shipment very fast.

· Overall Dimensions 20' x 7' x 3.5" (6130mm x 2130mm x 88mm)

· Surface Dimensions: 20' x 7' (12m2)

· Weight: 1,345 lbs. (610 kgs)


ABOSN® Amphibian Composite Mats Key Features & Benefits

· Single piece construction

· Anti-static and UV-inhibitors extend the life and increase resiliency

· Sealed design allows for decontamination cleaning

· Field proven in extreme environments

· Semi-buoyant in areas of extreme saturation, wetlands, and swamps

· Overlapping lips and locking pins allow for a continuous and safe work surface

· Variety of connection points for multiple mat configurations and versatility

· Even distribution of weight for extremely heavy loads

· Non-skid tread pattern for tracked or wheeled vehicles

· Solid ground support in almost any soil condition and equipment type

· Lighter than traditional solutions

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