HDPE Composite Mats

Product Description

HDPE Composite Mats

ABOSN offers recycled Virgin HDPE, and HDPE composite mats that are safe for equipment, pedestrians and the environment. Our line of composite mats include ground protection mats, pedestrian mats, beach access mat, construction road mat, parking mats, etc.

We offer the best in Composite Mats, delivering the strongest, most stable, and uniform surfaces for just about any job requirement. Whether you need a heavy equipment construction job site, surfaces for a pedestrian event, or a festival, Abosn has the mats to do the job. Our variety of Composite Mats cover light-duty to heavy-duty high density, and are easy to move. Our crews can provide the product built to your unique specifications and provide the project management for the job if needed.

COMMON APPLICATIONS: Oil fields, Rig Sites, Pipelines, Wetland Protection, Heavy Equipment, Temporary Road Access, Festivals and Events, Landscape Construction Sites, Construction Sites, and more.

To learn more about the full line of composite mats we offer, please choose from the images/products above. Click here to contact us now to get the products you need for your specific job requirements. ABOSN representatives are always standing by to insure you have the exact mats to get the job done efficiently, safely, and using only the best available mats!