Glass Filled/Ceramic Filled UHMWPE Sheet

Product Description

Ceramic UHMWPE Sheet | UHMW Polyethylene Sheet

Abosn Ceramic UHMWPE is an extremely high strength material offering superb wear resistance compared to standard UHMW. This makes it suitable for high load, high speed and abrasive applications. It also has low moisture absorption and is corrosion resistant, shatter resistant and self-lubricating. Ceram P is not suitable for food contact applications.

Temperature: -200°C to +80°C (+90°C short term).

Key Features: High impact resistance, high load resistance and excellent chemical resistance.

Applications: High load, high speed and severe sliding abrasion applications. Alternative to sintered ceramics. Chain guides and wear strips especially for high speed and severe sliding applications.

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Glass filled UHMWPE Sheet( Abson -GF UHMWPE Sheet )Data sheet

Abosn Ceramic filled UHMWPE Sheet