Flame Retardant UHMWPE Sheet

Product Description

ABOSN Flame-retardant AST UHMWPE Product Description:

ABOSN Flame-retardant AST UHMWPE Product is the first flame retardant and anti static UHMWPE Sheet that has the following specialties:

Halogen free

Antimony free

No strong smoke emission

Non-toxic smokes/gases

Technical properties of UHMWPE are not reduced


Key Features and Benefits:

Impact strength - it is virtually unbreakable

Light weight - easy to handle without special equipment

Electrical insulation - it is a good insulator

Weatherproof - it doesn't absorb water

Chemical resistance - resists corrosive chemicals (Sulphuric Acid, Caustic Soda)

Abrasion resistance - rated better than carbon steel for sliding abrasion applications

Low coefficient of friction - it does not require lubrication

Fire rating - achieved UL94 class V0

ABOSN Flame-retardant AST UHMWPE Product AST Applications: 

Underground mining

Scraper blades

Hopper liners

Liner beds

Wear profiles

Impact slider bars

Chain guides

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