Stong Hardness Ceramic with UHMWPE Suction Box Cover

Product Description

Stong Hardness Ceramic with UHMWPE Suction Box Cover in black color, is known for its high dry-film lubricant content. This produces and extremely smooth surface, most importantly resulting in a low friction coefficient a low level of adhesion. 


At machine speeds of up to approx. 800 m/min. Depending on the position even at higher speeds.


Supply range

· Forming board trailing blade / forming board covers

· Forming board trailing blades

· Hydrofoils

· Vacufoils

· Suction box covers

· Felt suction strips

Advantages plastic

· Break resistance

· Homogeneous, closed surface

· No piano keying

· Easy to handle


Advantages ceramic

· Very smooth surface

· High wear resistance


Combined in one material!


UHMWPE dewatering elements have a high level of thermal expansion. They must therefore be installed in such a way that enables the strips or covers to expand without restriction (T-bars, corner strips, dovetail guides, screws in elongated holes). The base frame support must have a grid of approx. 250 mm to ensure flawless functionality for our covers. This support must extend to the underside of the cover to ensure it has a flat installation surface.


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