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The Legend of Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
Sep 12,2019

In ancient times, there are ten suns in the sky and the extreme heat made people’s lives very difficult. It was the hero named Hou Yi, owing to his great strength, shot down nine of the ten suns to save the people. Later, Hou Yi married a beautiful and kind-hearted woman called Chang E and lived a happy life.

One day, the Queen of Heaven presented Hou Yi an elixir, if took would help him to ascend immediately to heaven and become a god. Hou Yi took it home and asked Chang E to keep it. Unfortunately, a villain named Pengmeng got to know it, broke into their home and demanded Chang E to hand over the elixir while Hou Yi was out hunting. In a moment of desperation, Chang E swallowed the elixir. Reluctant to leave his husband, Cheng E tried her best to fly to the nearest place to the earth on the heaven, which is the moon. Houyi missed Chang E a lot, so he placed foods on tables Chang E likes on full moon day. This custom was later followed by folk people to pray for good luck from Goddess Chang E and gradually formed the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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Now all the families gather to sample antumn harvests to eat moon cake, light lanterns and admire what's believed to be the fullest moon of the year, 15th day of the eighth lunar month, Mid-Autumn Festical, the moon festival.

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