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The Difference Between UHMWPE VS PTFE
Dec 09,2019

The Difference Between UHMWPE VS PTFE ( How to choose the material for Truck Liner)

By the article, you will learn to comparing the UHMWPE and PTFE, then make the better choice when needed.


Natural color both in white

Both very low coefficient of friction and net zero water absorption.

Both FDA/CFIA compliant in their natural form. 

Both plastics can be modified with a variety of fillers or additives. 


There are so many differences between the products that a list is the best way to explain:

  • PTFE is substantially much more expensive than UHMW

  • PTFE can only handle about 1/5th the load of UHMW

  • PTFE is more slippery than UHMW (despite both having a low coefficient of friction)

  • UHMW has far better wear properties than PTFE

  • PTFE withstands over 4x the temperature UHMW can in continuous operation

So if UHMW is less expensive, handles more wear, and more load…Where do you use PTFE? The answer is pretty simple: 1.) when it’s spec’d in or 2.) when one of its differing properties from UHMW makes it the better choice. For example, if you’re machining some bushings for use in a 400 degree Fahrenheit environment you would go with a PTFE product vs. a UHMW product which would simply melt. As well, if the application demands bearing pads with dynamic sliding (think telescope mounts) then PTFE is the better choice due to its phenomenal low coeffecient of friction. So for normal use, cheaper UHMWPE is ok.

If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact 

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