Wear Resistance Tivar UHMW Liner

Product Description

Wear Resistance Tivar UHMW Liner

Benefit of Abosn UHMWPE as a lining materialis:

1.No incrustatons of bulkmaterial

2.No bridging caused in hoppers

3.Enhanced protection of plan tand machinery against  wear

4.Faster bulk material flow

5.Costo flining exist hopper with uhmwpe is one third of the cost of mild steel

6.PE-UHMW is half the weight of steel, despite being three times as thick


Coal bin liner/Silo liner/Hopper liner/Coal Chute Liner/bunker liner/hopper liner/granary plate/track liner/track bed liner/ HMWPE coal bunker liner board prevent cohere/ chute liner/ UHMWPE Plastic Dump Truck Liner.